Thank you for the information and service. Once I read the articles on your site it gave me the confidence you people know what you are doing. And I was not disappointed.
Jasmine London England
You saved me a great deal of work. Thanks to you and yourstaff. I thought I needed an ITIN number but instead I needed an EIN number. I would not have been able to calculate this on my own. Thanks USA Tax Rebate Team.
Hiran Mumbai India
I was not looking forward to dealing with the IRS again because I had an unpleasant experience with them a few years back. I sent my passport into them and never got it back. You people are a God send. Letting you deal with them is the way to go.
Nathan Burlington Ontario Canada
When it comes to getting an ITIN number, doing my return, and getting me back the taxes paid on the sale of my US rental property, I have confidence in recommending your service. I didn’t know I could get any of this money back and you got it all back for me for a reasonable fee.
Peter Port of Spain Trinidad
After months trying to get ITIN with your competitors, I decide to give you a try and was happy. Was better for me to understand with your service. Thank you so much.
Ying Shenzhen China
You helped me accomplish my goals. I am trying to do business in America and I am now set-up properly with the IRS. You did this and my returns too. All at a good price.Now I am doing business in America and am very happy.
Anna St Petersburg Russia
I called your toll free number and your experienced staff made what I was dreading a great deal quicker and easier than I had imagined dealing with the IRS would ever be. I was particularly impressed you are agents for them so I could send you my passport, not the IRS. Keep up the good work.
Steve Calgary Alberta Canada
Very professional. Being from this side of the world, the prospect of getting properly set up with the tax people in America was an intimidating prospect to say the least. No worries with you people on the job though. Thanks again.
Adam Melbourne Australia


We've offered ITIN Number services for USA Non Residents since 1979.

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We've offered ITIN Number services for USA Non Residents since 1979. Apply via our ITIN Number application or call us at 1-888-479-6850 (or +1-807-346-1608 from outside North America).


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